A Recent Installation of Moisture Analysers on Four Conveyors.

Masterclass of work from many teams on this beautiful kitchen with a very proud product.


No Job too Big- No Job too Small

–   You Create We Construct.

Experience is essential to growth. We have a portfolio within the Electrical Trade which continues to out grow our competitors. Expending knowledge with additional expertise in 3D printing, 3D Modelling, Import/Export, Instrumentation, Fibre optical, CCTV, HVAC, Lighting, Power Generation, Process Control, Home Automation, Agricultural practices and much more. Leading the way in combining aspects of many other modern industries within Electrotechnology systems.

Its just not worth the risk

Portfolio partly consists of:

Foundry/Casting Operations

White Industries Dalby

Construction of ALS Laboratory in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Geochemistry

Newcrest Gold Mine Papua New Guinea

Newcrest Gold MOPU

Origin Energy Upstream Construction/ Commisioning

Upstream Projects

Ichthys LNG Project

Gas Outloading