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We are your personal technology assistant.

We provide a face to face service connecting you to the newest technology available. Conveniently activating sequences as you move though the day and into the night. From “Good Morning” to “Goodnight”. The technology works for you.

PRK Industries: Your Go-To Electrician in Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for an electrician in Sunshine Coast? Look no further. The ever-evolving nature of technology is constantly changing the electrical requirements of homes, businesses and industrial concerns. It also broadens the horizons of what is possible in terms of automating your home while effectively managing your energy efficiency without disrupting your way of life.

We offer a complete range of professional electrical services in Sunshine Coast that keep your electrical systems in perfect condition and make your everyday life more convenient and enjoyable. Whether you require a Wi-Fi network installation, an extra power point, a switchboard upgrade, a phone system installation, or a comprehensive smart home installation, we are the team to call. In addition to the installation, repair, and maintenance of all household electrical systems, we also offer:

Wifi Network Installation

Smart Home Automation:

Our technologically advanced home automation systems are designed around your lifestyle to make your life easy. Easily control all the features and utilities of your home via the internet for the ultimate convenience. You can turn lights on and off, even open and close curtains whether home or not, and even cook cakes automatically.

Wifi Network Installation in Sunshine Coast

Energy-saving and monitoring:

With the cost of utilities continuously rising and national regulators struggling to keep up with demand, we strive to help you achieve optimal energy efficiency in your home. We provide a wide range of effective energy monitoring services and energy-saving technologies.

Commercial Electrician in Sunshine Coast

Artificial Intelligence:

Imagine a personal assistant at your beck and call 24/7/365. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about paying a salary. Our artificial intelligence programmes are technologically advanced, highly efficient, and optimum in convenience.

Your Professional Electrician in Maroochydore

We are the go-to team for professional residential and commercial electrical services. We serve the entire Sunshine Coast, so whether you need an electrician in Caloundra or Kawana Waters, we have you covered. Here is what you can expect when dealing with PRK Industries:

  • Superior workmanship: We pride ourselves on providing a service that is superior in every way, using only the best in tools, components, and systems to ensure that you get the very best there is. Our team of fully qualified, highly experienced electricians work according to strict quality and safety standards.
  • Customer service: As a community-based company, we pride ourselves on our level of service to our local communities. You will be impressed with our fast, efficient, and professional service from beginning to end.
  • Comprehensive offering: We are the team to call whether you need an electrician in Buderim for the repair of faulty power point, or an electrician in Mooloolaba for a house rewiring or a comprehensive home automation system.

Fast, Efficient, Friendly, and Affordable

We are the Sunshine Coast’s go-to team for electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance. Our passion for technology and efficiency has seen us expand into the realm of smart home automation and energy efficiency, helping our customers to live their best life at a fraction of the cost while at the same time doing their bit for the environment.

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